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Olive oil

olive tree

The olive tree, known as the sacred symbol of life, an emblem of the Greek landscape, and symbolic feature of the whole Mediterranean ecosystem, has nutritionally sustained people from the Mediterranean area and has inspired cultures for thousands of years. It is an evergreen tree with a lifespan of hundreds of years that loves the sea and the sun. It grows on barren, stony lands, withstanding drought. Its height can vary from 8 to 10 meters. The trunk of the olive tree is nodular and covered with silver-gray bark. Its flowers are tiny, white, single - petaled, and flourish around the end of May, whereas the produce is ripe and ready to harvest in autumn. The fruit of the olive consists of the skin and the flesh from which oil is produced and the kernel. The olive tree bears fruit annually and overproduces every second year. Our variety of olives is Koroneiki, which has a small sized fruit and its Ergani oil has a wonderful aroma and flavor.
"Mid -day in July… had olive groves not existed, I would have devised them!" 

Odysseus Elytis